Thank you for taking time out to spend with us today.

Our vision is to empower, educate and inform all those who contact us or interact with us.

We focus on a number of issues — some of those being economic democracy, social justice, racial parity, cultural context and constructs, the struggle of people of color throughout the world and social history of secular humanist people of color and their allies.  People of Color Beyond Faith is anti-racisit, anti-sexist and pro-LGBQ.  We do support the trans community. We don’t discriminate against people having a belief system. In fact, we sometimes work in conjunction with believers.

We are excited about our upcoming conference in October 2015.  We’ll be gathering at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library in Washington D.C.  Be sure and bookmark this site and subscribe to our newsletter (subscription box in sidebar) to get all the details as they are rolled out!  The conference is free — we just ask for donations to help defray the costs of hosting and live-streaming it.

We’ll also be adding more highlights from last year’s Moving Social Justice Conference so you can get an idea of why People of Color Beyond Faith is so enthused about these conferences, which we call “Social Justice Summits.”

Be sure and contact us at any time with questions or comments, or if you’d like to network with us.