Moving Beyond Religion

People of Color Beyond Faith connects freethinkers of color through social media discussions, meet-ups and more.  For those who have left organized religion, finding a community of like-minded people helps to fill the void left by the church community.  We are incorporated in Illinois.

POC’s Social Justice Summits include an annual Moving Social Justice conference that is open to all, focusing on humanistic values and offering informative forums and support for community activism.  Throughout the year, smaller regional conferences are also sponsored.

Through YouTube webcasts and online publications, POC Beyond Faith provides thought-provoking discussions about current issues, history and educational programs about influential freethinkers who have fought for rational thinking and social justice.  Our organization is involved with a number of social justice and charitable issues. We don’t believe in gods, but respect those who do and are willing to work with all organizations that genuinely serve our communities.

People of Color Beyond Faith Board of Directors

Kimberly Veal

A founder of People of Color Beyond Faith and board member, Kimberly Veal‘s voice is well-known in the freethought community.  Host of the Black Freethinkers program on Blog Talk Radio, Kim’s background is in information technology. In working to develop IT resources in underserved communities, Kim believes access to technology can encourage and motivate young people to utilize their talents to create opportunities.  A former executive director of Black Nonbelievers of Chicago, Inc., Kim has refocused her efforts on moving social justice in the secular community.

Raina Rhoades

An organizer of Chocolate City Skeptics in Washington D.C., Raina Rhoades is also one of the founders of People of Color Beyond Faith and serves on its current board. Focusing on biology and science in college, Raina is skeptical of outlandish and unprovable claims.  She delivers a fresh — and unflinchingly honest — insight to  social justice, atheism, science, feminism and other topics at her Rhoades to Reality Blog because, well, reality is just interesting for her. She co-hosts the Black Freethinkers podcast with Kimberly Veal.

Jenn Taylor

She’s popular in the secular community, but some might not know that Jenn Taylor has a background in project management and corporate management … and loves jazz!  An atheist and secular humanist, Jenn is passionate about community service and separation of church and state issues. She organized Black Atheists of Philadelphia, which is affiliated with African Americans for Humanism and the Greater Philadelphia Coalition of Reason. Jenn is also an active member of the New Jersey Humanist Network and board member of People of Color Beyond Faith.

Saving the Best for Last … You!

multi-race conceptYou are our most important voice!  Be sure to contact us if you are interested in our Social Justice Summits, volunteering for events or other matters.  Your suggestions and feedback are important to to the People of Color Beyond Faith community.

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