Social Justice Summit

Why it's important.

People of Color who have left religion can often find themselves shunned by their former church friends, deal with disappointment from family members, or face difficulties meeting others of like mind in their communities. Others miss the sense of community offered by their former religion. In some communities of People of Color, the church is the only source of aid if it is needed. The Social Justice Summits provide networking opportunities both nationally and locally — and with a focus on social justice, offers non-believers an opportunity to serve their communities by their works, not prayers. Many People of Color find that the issues that face their communities are not adequately addressed by the more well-known atheist organizations. Whether it’s the school to prison pipeline, the lack of opportunities, police brutality or other issues, People of Color Beyond Faith focuses on these issues from a secular point of view.

Our Social Justice Summits feature panels of educators, writers and activists from around the country.  Our national conference is in Washington D.C., with regional conferences throughout the year.

The costs of attending conferences can be a substantial barrier for many minorities who would love to participate in conferences such as ours.  People of Color Beyond Faith strives to make these conferences free and, to the extent technically possible, livestream them so that people who cannot afford to travel can still enjoy the information and entertainment.  The 2015 National Social Justice Summit will be held on October 17-18 at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library.  Please subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming conference information.  We are also using the hashtags#sjsummits and #movingsocialjustice to announce conference information on Twitter.

If you or your organization would like to participate in or host one of our Social Justice Summits, please contact us.

How to Get Involved

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Participate and Network

Let’s share ideas and experiences.  If you or your organization would like to participate as a panelist or regional conference host, please let us know.  Contact us if you would like more upcoming conference information or would like a regional Social Justice Summit in your area. 

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Tell Others

Spread the word!  Let your online and offline friends and contacts know about this worthy project.  Letting people know about helpful projects like this is free — and can sometimes produce great results.



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People of Color Beyond Faith needs donations so that it can host conferences free of charge.  We are a pending 501(c)3 organization which uses Paypal to process donations.

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